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The Top 10 Parameters Of A Good Cold Email Campaign

Top 10 parameters of a good cold email

1. Subject line

The subject line should be short and should be able to fit on a mobile screen.

2. Worthy Introduction

Make sure that your introduction grabs the attention of the reader.

3. Purpose of the Email

Have a set purpose for the email. If you can make your purpose clear, then the message will get across.

4. Sense of Urgency

The email should make the reader feel like they should read the contents immediately.

5. Set Theme

There should be a set theme in the email, so that the reader does not lose focus. At Alore the “story-telling” process is used, which has been proven to be successful.

6. Core Value

Research about the company and zero in on its core values. Pick one that resonates with you.

7. Short and Crisp

Make sure that you are not rambling or repetitive.

8. Make it Personal.

Make sure that the email does not seem generic. Add a personal note about the company.

9. Proper Research

Make sure you know what the industry is and why it is important.

10. Include statistics.

Make sure to include numbers. “1 out of 3” sounds more appealing than “very few”.

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