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Sample of a cold email for a blockchain firm

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Subject lines:

  1. Let us help you with your tech costs <first name>

  2. Wanna bag some blockchain projects {firstname}?

  3. Keen to upsell blockchain capabilities to clients {firstname}?

Mail 1

Hi <first name>

I'm Sophie from xxx. We're blockchain experts and partner with tech companies to grow their revenue by up to 30% via our infra-as-a-service.

By white labeling our entire blockchain services and platform, you can

  1. Offer more value to existing clients to increase revenue per customer!

  2. Win more projects around blockchain build, migration or optimization

I was very keen to connect with you over a call to discuss how {company name} and xxx could partner for these mutual gains.

With 40+ projects and POCs across the healthcare, financial logistics, and supply chain space - we're confident of helping you bag interesting wins!

Can we connect over a call anytime next week to take this further?



Warm Regards,

Sophie Anne Dave. AVP- Business Strategy

Hiring for some kickass sales leaders across the USA - Know someone? Tell us, please!!

Contact us XXX

America | India | Canada | EU

Website | LinkedIn | Blog

If my outreach felt unwelcome or bothersome, I apologize. You can {unsubscribe} from hearing from me again.

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