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Advanced Email Marketing for a competitive edge.

To write an email is one task, but to have an email that sets you out from the rest makes you have that extra competitive edge. It is important to understand the importance of email marketing first. Email marketing or a cold email outreach is sort of like meeting your potential business partner at a bar. It is professional yet it is still casual. Now you only have about 3 minutes to keep this person's attention. So, you ask yourself, what do you want to resonate in the person in front of you? Why should this person want to do business with you?

Data Analytics- the logical answer to your problem.

Now with Hubspot, you can take it a step further. Have you thought about how your subject lines play a role, sure you could write 3 or 4 subject lines and keep checking, but why not optimize your TNT (turnaround time)? With Hubspot’s real-time analytics, you can amend your campaigns before it stumbles. It’s like having a game plan before entering the game, you want to make sure you have a good understanding of what might go wrong and have a solution before had.

Data can rarely be wrong. If you have real-time data in your hand, it gives you that extra competitive edge that you need to succeed in your email campaigns. After all, cold email outreaches can be a challenge. You have no idea how the person will react when they read the email or even worse what if they don’t read the email at all! What made them not give a response, or even worse what if they thought it, was spam.

When you have an OR (open rate) it can give you a channelized solution. Each industry has a different OR therefore you can check if it is ok for the industry. For example, for the tech industry, the average OR is about 23%. Now if your campaign has a lower rate than that, that means you need to relook at the data and subject lines. The 2 benchmark rules for subject lines are:

- FOMO (fear of missing out)

When your reader reads the subject line, ask yourself this question, “does it make your reader feel like they are missing out on a golden opportunity?” With Hubspot’s analytics with real-time data, you can make out whether your subject line is “FOMO inducing”

- Quantify

When reaching out to founders, CMO’s, CTO’s, etc, make sure that the subject line is worth their time. They are short on time and if you make the subject line long and flowery, it goes straight to trash or stays in the inbox void where there is no return. So, to avoid that have a quantifiable subject line. For example,

“Optimize your ROI by 2x <first name>”- Short, to the point, and hits the pain point of your reader.

A/B Testing

Firstly, what is “A/B testing”?

Basically, it's where you try to see what content or data would work for your drip campaign? It's like picking out ingredients for dinner, what are you in the mood for? What are you going to make? Do you want to cook or order takeaway? You can switch up the questions for your email. If you don’t know the industry and how they are going to react to the email outreach, why not try 2 different content copies? With Hubspot, you can set up 2 campaigns with different sets of data or with the same set of data, divide it, and send the 2 copies to the respective data.

Now we set up the campaign and wait for the results. With Hubspot, you can reduce the time spent waiting by at least 20%. Voila, you have your data in hand, and you can start working on whether the data that you accumulated is right, is your subject line is worth opening the email or is your email worth a response.

For example, when I was writing a cold email outreach campaign and I wrote the subject line of “optimize your data analytics within minutes”, my OR rate was 71% but no responses. I think I was able to touch the pain point of my reader, but I think they were disappointed with the email body wasn’t as exciting. On the other hand, I had written a subject line of “optimize your ROI by 2x”, the open rate was 20% but there were positive responses, so that was clear that the expectations were clear. This was possible as I had the data was right in front of me and was able to get the results with the A/B test with the data that was in front of me.


When reaching out to a large set of people, we tend to lean towards automation, it's faster and convenient. Honestly, we don’t have the time to sit and sort out what it is that we need to write for each email. We want to have a tool that makes it convenient to send cold outreach emails that had the same message but with a hint of personalization. Hubspot understands that this might come up, so they have added personalization as a feature. It's as simple as adding commands and sending the email without the reader knowing that it is an automated email.

Little details go a long way, for example adding a “first name” to your email. Or adding something about the place they work at makes them feel like you did take some time trying to understand what it is that the person does and what their pain points could be. I have mentioned some examples above that I had put the <first name> as a command this will add the “first name” of the person that this email is reaching out to.

As a rule of thumb, it doesn’t hurt to look up some of the companies that you are reaching out to, there might be some point that could make this outreach into a lead. You could notice that they might have a simple paint point that they might be addressing on the website that you might have addressed in a blog. You can add that link and send the email. Hubspot allows you to add that into your campaign so your email may stand out from the rest and not have it go into the inbox void.


It can be daunting to have a cold email outreach, you don’t know the person, but you know that you can address their pain points and the both of you could be a perfect fit for each other. That’s why Hubspot gives you the extra edge that you need to make your outreach not only stand out, but the CTA (call to action) is met. It optimizes your ROI (return to investment) by at least 30%. Hubspot also helps you calculate your ROI so that there are no curveballs when running your campaign. In simple words, Hubspot equips you with the right tools to have a successful cold email outreach campaign. This helps your business grow and succeed.

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